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Fix for broken drag and drop in Wordpress Sociable plugin

Drag and drop is broken in the Wordpress Sociable plugin which means you cannot easily reorder your bookmarking options. I have seen posts 2 weeks old asking for a fix for this and I am too impatient…so here it is. Navigate to your sociable plugin directory and create a file called “sociable-admin.js”. Add the [...]
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Truncate your Flex ComboBox text

Today I ran into a situation where I wanted my ComboBox drop down text to have a 9px font size and a 10px font size on the text input portion. This is a problem because your labels can easily get cut off. Ugly: I think this is prettier: Here is how to do it: <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ [...]
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The Art And Science Of Seductive Interactions

I will generally stay away from posting other people’s content on my blog because this is not a news site. But I really liked this presentation… (sorry if it is a bit slow loading, slideshare isn’t perfect) The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions View more presentations from Stephen Anderson. If you enjoyed this post, make sure [...]
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Flex widget with rounded corners (code included)

It should be really easy to create the template for a widget with rounded corners in Flex. It is certainly not a difficult task, but it is not obvious. Rather than explain the things you need to pay attention to, I will just post the code below. After setting up a flex [...]
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Small tool tips for Adobe Flex validation errors

If you are using Adobe Flex forms, chances are you have come across validators. I do not like the way validators work out of the box, and it is a real pain to work against them. I will post a better way to validate your forms later. For now, I want to [...]
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