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Converting Table Data to YAML for Testing in Ruby on Rails

One of my clients has a huge application with no test suite. I am helping the company migrate to Rails 2.3 as well as remove some bottlenecks from their code. I needed to convert around 10 look-up tables to YAML’s so that I could load the data as fixtures and test the application [...]
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Getting jQuery, Rails, and Authenticity Tokens to play nice

For anyone that uses the jQuery AJAX library to send POST requests to their Rails application, you have probably found that the built in Rails CSRF protection does not play nice with your jQuery POST requests. By the way, if you don’t know what CSRF is, check out my Ruby on Rails security presentation. [...]
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Ruby on Rails – Skipping validations based on where object is created

I ran into an issue today where I wanted to skip validations based on where an object was created. To be more specific, I wanted to validate strictly if a “venue” was created through my web interface but I want to skip validations when importing venues. The reasoning is pretty simple, I want [...]
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