Tap before you squash

Tap is a pretty awesome ruby method I recently discovered.

Let’s say I have the following request:

post  '/api/v1/users/', 
          params.merge(:sig => 

I realize something is screwed and I want to print out the sig before sending. Normally I would actually rewrite my code:

sig = Authentication.calculate(TestAuthData.secret_access_key,params.to_query)
puts "sig = #{sig}"
post  '/api/v1/users/', params.merge(:sig => sig).to_json

That’s a bit annoying. With tap I can just do this:

post  '/api/v1/users/', 
          params.merge(:sig => 
            Authentication.calculate(TestAuthData.secret_access_key,params.to_query).tap{|s| puts "sig = #{s}"}
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