More cool stuff with ruby’s tap method

I had to write up a quick data processor at work today and I wanted a decent output at the end of execution. The ruby tap method came in handy here.

class AssetDeliveryPopulater
  def self.populate
    results_text = []
    asset_secrets_count, asset_delivery_count, asset_not_found_count, asset_delivery_creation_errors = 0,0,0,0
    Email.all.tap{|emails| results_text << "#{emails.length} emails parsed." }.each do |e|
      next unless e.body
      asset_secrets = extract_asset_secrets_from_text(e.body)
      next unless asset_secrets
      asset_secrets.tap{|as| asset_secrets_count += as.length}.each do |asset_secret|
        if a = Asset.find_by_secret(asset_secret)
          if ad = AssetDelivery.create(
              :asset => a,
              :campaign => e.campaign,
              :client => e.client,
              :created_at => e.created_at
            asset_delivery_count += 1
            puts "Recorded an asset delivery: #{ad.inspect}"
            asset_delivery_creation_errors += 1
            puts "Could not record the delivery: #{ad.errors.inspect}"
          asset_not_found_count += 1
          puts "Could not find asset with secret #{asset_secret}"
    results_text << "#{asset_secrets_count} asset secrets found."
    results_text << "#{asset_delivery_count} asset deliveries recorded."
    results_text << "#{asset_not_found_count} assets not found."
    results_text << "#{asset_delivery_creation_errors} asset delivery records not created due to errors."
    puts results_text.join("\n")
  # Given some text, extract secret asset hashes and return an array
  def self.extract_asset_secrets_from_text(text)
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  1. Troll McJohnson
    Posted April 12, 2012 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    This is dumb. You’re already processing a block on your asset_secrets object. You’re just adding clutter by using tap here. You can accomplish the exact same thing by putting asset_secrets_count += as.length in the first line of your block. Easier to read, less code. This isn’t what tap was made for.

  2. Posted April 12, 2012 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    You’re right Mr. McJohnson. I’m not sure why I did this and then decided to write a post, it was probably impulsive as I was just screwing around with tap. Thanks for calling me out