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Recovering off screen windows in Mac OS X

I constantly lose windows on OS X. I think it’s because sometimes I am connected to an external monitor so OS X gets confused when I am not. I found a great solution online that I would like to re-post here so that I never have to look for it again and I [...]
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Where is my crontab located on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

I googled around for a few minutes with no luck. After probing around my system, here is where I found my crontab file: Macintosh-2:mls TAmoyal$ sudo ls /usr/lib/cron/tabs/ Password: TAmoyal I found it by checking the crontab man page: man crontab Where I saw a “FILES” section: FILES /usr/lib/cron/cron.allow /usr/lib/cron/cron.deny And that lead me [...]
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Congratulations Facebook

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Effective customer conversion scheme from Fetch?

It has been a while since I blogged but sometime in the next month I will start again. Here is something in the mean time. Over a week ago my 30 day trial of Fetch file transfer for Mac OS X ended. When I tried to open the program, I received a pop-up message [...]
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Engineering remotely

A recent change in my company gave me the ability to work from home. When people think of working from home, the first benefits that pop into their mind are probably saving gas money and commuting time. Thinking a bit further, they may realize that using less gas is better for the environment [...]
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First Post!

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