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Validating multiple fields with one validator in Flex3

I like laying out forms in MXML because it’s easy to read. In a recent project, I had five email fields and it looked something like this: <mx:Form id="myForm"> <mx:FormItem label="1." labelStyleName="tenEmailsLabel"> <mx:TextInput id="email1" width="300" fontSize="13" /> </mx:FormItem> <mx:FormItem label="2." labelStyleName="tenEmailsLabel"> <mx:TextInput id="email2" width="300" fontSize="13" /> </mx:FormItem> <mx:FormItem label="3." labelStyleName="tenEmailsLabel"> <mx:TextInput id="email3" width="300" fontSize="13" /> </mx:FormItem> <mx:FormItem label="4." labelStyleName="tenEmailsLabel"> [...]
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Gig&Tell is a service I created to help bands market themselves with minimal effort. It is currently in Alpha testing mode and I will provide more information about the service soon.
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I was the lead developer on the Tunepost website, a Total Music creation. Besides the ability to search for, rate, and share music, users could easily maintain their playlists. They also could stream music in a pop-out player and conveniently control the player from a “remote control” embedded on the website.
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Total Music Player

This music player is an embeddable widget that streams tunes from the Total Music API. It also reports statistics, maintains playlists for authenticated users, and provides an easy way to share your favorite music on popular websites.
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Music For Democracy

Music For Democracy used this widget to let Obama supporters sign up for a phone call from their favorite artist on election day.
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Ruckus Music Search Widget

This embeddable widget searched Ruckus Network’s music catalog and streamed music when a song was selected.
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