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Better Human Race

Better Human Race is the easiest way to raise money for charity. Search with Yahoo, Shop with Amazon, Connect with Facebook, and use our toolbar. I am co-founder and currently the developer of all Better Human Race technology.
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Getting jQuery, Rails, and Authenticity Tokens to play nice

For anyone that uses the jQuery AJAX library to send POST requests to their Rails application, you have probably found that the built in Rails CSRF protection does not play nice with your jQuery POST requests. By the way, if you don’t know what CSRF is, check out my Ruby on Rails security presentation. [...]
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Text inputs with rounded corners using jQuery (without image)

I have yet to find a solution for making rounded inputs without an image. I hacked one together today because I know it will save me a lot of time later. While the solution is hackish, I like it better than going into photoshop and making an image every time I want to [...]
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jQuery Rounded Corners with Rounded Borders with Set Width

Dave Methvin wrote a plugin for jQuery to easily round corners. Then Mike Alsup improved on the plugin by adding more effects. Mike’s solution for adding a rounded border is great but he doesn’t give good copy and paste code. I had to dig through the source on the page to figure [...]
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