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Simple Quarter Select – Rails plugin for Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 selector

Have you ever wanted a select component for Quaters of the Fiscal Year (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4)? The Simple Quarter Select Ruby on Rails plugin does it for you. It’s highly configurable and maps to the month of any datetime attribute in your model. Why map the quarter to a datetime attribute? I think the answer is obvious but [...]
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Fix for broken drag and drop in Wordpress Sociable plugin

Drag and drop is broken in the Wordpress Sociable plugin which means you cannot easily reorder your bookmarking options. I have seen posts 2 weeks old asking for a fix for this and I am too impatient…so here it is. Navigate to your sociable plugin directory and create a file called “sociable-admin.js”. Add the [...]
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The best time_select plugin for Ruby On Rails!

In some cases, the Ruby on Rails time_select helper is much uglier than it needs to be. It spits out 3 select boxes for the hour, minutes, and seconds. Your users do not always need accuracy to the minute. For example, you do not schedule doctor’s appointments for 3:13PM. You would at least [...]
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