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Text inputs with rounded corners using jQuery (without image)

I have yet to find a solution for making rounded inputs without an image. I hacked one together today because I know it will save me a lot of time later. While the solution is hackish, I like it better than going into photoshop and making an image every time I want to [...]
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jQuery Rounded Corners with Rounded Borders with Set Width

Dave Methvin wrote a plugin for jQuery to easily round corners. Then Mike Alsup improved on the plugin by adding more effects. Mike’s solution for adding a rounded border is great but he doesn’t give good copy and paste code. I had to dig through the source on the page to figure [...]
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Flex widget with rounded corners (code included)

It should be really easy to create the template for a widget with rounded corners in Flex. It is certainly not a difficult task, but it is not obvious. Rather than explain the things you need to pay attention to, I will just post the code below. After setting up a flex [...]
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